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This is a post for the Edublog Teachers Challenge.

An avatar is an important tool to use when online. It is a character or image that you can personlize and use when interacting with others online.

Personally I enjoy creating avatars and I know the kids in my Grade 1/2 class do too. At the beginning of the year we  spend alot of time  talking about being safe on line, netiquette and having a positive online presence. Part of this is creating an image  that will be used when interacting with others online. Important skills for digital natives to learn.

Also  images need to be 97 pixels x 97 pixels and in jpeg format.

Below is a list of some of my favourite sites for  creating avatars. Happy creating and have fun.

1. DoppelMe

I have used this site for my blog avatar. Easy to create a fun and graphical avatar.




2. BuildYourWildSelf

This site is really fun, easy to use and younger kids love it. Make an avatar with animal parts too.




3. PicassoHead.

Why not try to be a little abstract and use this site for some wonderful artistic avatars.



4.  Lego Avatar

I love anything lego. This is a great site to use when introducing avatars to preps.

Easy and fun a to use.


5. Portrait Illustrator

Another great site with many different attributes to add to make your avatar unique.


6. Also check out the TECHNOSCIENCE blog by Britt Gow, which has an excellent post about creating avatars.

What are your favourite avatar sites?

Which sites do the kids at your school  like the best?


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  1. Hi Jodie,
    Thanks for linking to my post and participating in the Teacher’s Blogging Challenge. It has been great reading all the new blogs from teachers all over the world and in my own home state! I really like the way you have set this post out to give an example of each avatar. Which site did you enjoy most? I like your Twitter avatar best – it gives me the best idea of who you are, I think. keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Hi Britt,

      Thanks for making a comment on the post. I am really enjoying the Teacher’s Blogging Challenge. It has been a real motivator to get my blog up and running. I have also enjoyed reading all the many blogs from teachers out there. So many good ideas. I indeed like to use a picture of myself on twitter. As you say in your post, it’s a good way for your PLN to recognise you. I would also like the ability to use an avatar in the Ultranet Profile. Hopefully they will enable that option soon.



  2. Great job trying all the different avatar creators. I tried a few but you were able to experiment with more. It is fun having the opportunity to explore new tools.

    And congratulations on starting your blog!

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    • Hi Jann,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I am looking forward to working with you and getting more blogs up and running at school. It’s a great challenge isn’t it?


  4. Wow, great post Jodi. All I’ve been using with my students has been doppelme, and I usually rush the kids through so they have an avatar so I can easily identify them. But, you’re right that it could be a deeper discussion around online safety. I’ll do that next time I think.

    As an extension, I’ve discovered Gravatar is awesome. It brings my avatar with me to many sites, even if I don’t have an account with them. It’s a global avatar site.

    • Hi there,

      Many thanks for your comments. I haven’t come across Gravatar. I like the idea that you can take your avatar with you. I will be sure to check that one out.


  5. Thanks so much for sharing all of those great sites for creating avatars. I’m excited to use your post as a link my students can access for these great options. They will be so excited to create an avatar for their group blogs on environmental and global issues.

    Teacher challenge blog:
    Personal blog:

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  7. Hiya,
    Some great ideas here. Well done! Keep up the good work. I’m struggling to get past the second activity, to be honest, but think I might make a few funky avatars now using some of these sites you have suggested.

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