Time to reflect that little bit more…


Time to reflect that little bit more.

Two undertakings I am currently involved with that are pushing my thinking are a Masters Degree and being part of PLP project. Suddenly I am immersed in reading blogs, books, academic articles, peer reviewed articles (have only just learnt what this really means!) and participating in a powerful Ning as I am lucky to be part of a project called PLP Connect U. A project run in conjunction with the Department of Education and Powerful Learning Practice. Both of these projects are helping me to reflect that little bit more, read a bit more, dig a bit deeper, share my thoughts a bit more, start to make connections with others and start to collaborate!

It’s a scary thought (for me) to stop lurking as I have heard others say and actually get my musings out there. I am finding the PLP Ning an ideal place for this. It is a supportive members-only community that serves as a ‘gateway for collaboration and discovery’. The Ning has coaches who facilitate participation by starting and responding to discussions, asking questions that get you to probe that bit deeper. I am a member of the creativity team and I am already enjoying the discussions, the facilitating from our coach Brenda Sherry and some pretty thought provoking blogs such as Kynan Robinson post on creativity. And we have only just started!

Image: Wonderferret

It’s time to stop dipping my toes in the shallow end and time to reflect and think a little more deeply.


Time to stop lurking and start participating just a little bit more.

Have you participated in anything recently that has pushed your thinking in new ways?

What do you read as part of your own Professional development?        


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  1. Jodi,
    I’m happy for you! It sounds like you are really pushing your thinking by taking on both the Masters Degree and the PLP. My journey into online spaces began more with my study for a M.Ed than anything else as well. I found that I needed some place to keep track of my thinking around all the wonderful things I was hearing about, and sometimes that just meant wondering, or asking questions, or synthesizing the theoretical with my teaching practice. Do you have an online component with your courses? I found this was a good place to draw from for blog posts.

    I don’t know where you are in your teaching career, but I was about 19 years in when I did the Masters and although some folks thought I was crazy, I was glad to have had a lot of years of experience. Being a classroom teacher lets you evaluate and transform practices that you hear about to suit you and your kids, and the practical aspects that you bring to it are so valuable…theory is only theory until you are up in front of a class, trying to make it work! 🙂

    You’re right about the Ning being a great place to voice your thoughts and move from dipping your toes in to taking a little swim. 🙂 I’ve been so impressed with how supportive everyone is – I try to imagine your get togethers f2f and I bet you are a lively bunch! 🙂 It’s where I’m doing a lot of reading lately and it’s pushing my thinking to watch this community take shape.

    I love my twitter network, but it’s my experience that the deeper conversations happen in groups where we can get to know each other and really think long and hard about certain topics – creativity is going to be a great topic! I wonder where it will lead us?


  2. Hi Brenda,

    I have just handed in my first assignment for my Masters and it has been a huge learning curve. I want to pass after all the hard effort but I have to say it is more about the learning I have achieved writing the assignment that I will take away with me.

    I am in my 17th year of teaching and I really feel like I am ready for the some new challenges and stretching my thinking. Although some do think I’m crazy with two young girls and a full time job to take on a masters and the PLP project! I think I just like to keep myself busy.

    My first assignment looked at 21st Century Education and I am glad to say that I mentioned and referenced the PLP ConnectU project.

    Now that reports are finished and Holidays are here I will spending a lot more time on the NING. Looking forward to seeing how our project develops.

    Jodi 🙂

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