Creative Minds


Creative Minds

Source: Photo @ Flickcc Creative Minds

As the PLPconnectU project moves along, our PLP Creativity Team has created a Blog thanks to Mel Cashen who is leading the project.

This got me thinking about ways I could contribute on a regular basis whilst also reflecting and musing on what it means to be creative.

So…every week I will write a small post on creative people past and present, from the more obvious through to the less well known and more obscure. (I am interested in the more obscure) I hope that the posts will generate some discussion and hopefully some more suggestions as to who to add to the list.

Remember all musings are my own and I am merely attempting to get my own creative mind flowing…

So here goes my first Creative Minds post

Creative Minds Number #1 – Abba

The Swedish pop group Abba came to the world’s attention when they won the European Song Contest in 1974. Formed in 1972 and up until their break up in 1983 they wrote and had numerous hits in counties all over the world, selling well over 375 million records during their career and still selling well today.

Whether it was creating a song in upbeat disco like “Dancing Queen” to writing about more down beat issues in  “The Winner Takes it All”  they created pop songs that were very much uniquely their own. Musically they drew not only on pop music that had gone before, but also on folk and classical music. Their songs are catchy enough to be loved by all ages, and also sophisticated enough to bear many repeated listens. (On my behalf!)

For me, they are a truly great and creative pop group. They made, what I think would be hard, seem effortless and so much fun. Their creativity still entertains generations today and as their stage shows and films  demonstrate, they have provided creative inspiration for many who have come after.

Source: Photo @ Flickcc Waterloo

What do you think about Abba being the first of my Creative Minds?

Do you have any suggestions of creative people I could add to my list?


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  1. An excellent first post about a band from Sweden, a country that has given us many beautiful creations from Saab cars to “The Girl With The…” books and films. They have, of course, given us far to many pickled herrings, but no-ones perfect.

  2. Hi Jodi – thank you!
    I still struggle to think outside my own ‘square’ at times…and I would have never thought about Abba! However, I completely agree. My daughter & I are unashamed “Mama Mia” fans, and I have a very special memory of a girlfriend with is no longer with us, associated with “Dancing Queen’. Following their win in Eurovision, they thrived – unlike so, so many others who have won that distinguished mantle. 🙂 To stay creative after so long – whilst in relationships with each other, (which could have proven stifling, but instead proved inspiring), was an amazing creative feat. A great start!

    • Hi Erin,

      Many thanks for your comments.

      I am an unashamed Abba fan too as you can tell. I also have fond memories associated with many of their songs.
      Good music soundtracks our lives…and creates wonderful and lasting memories. I wonder if Eurovision will ever see another group quite as significant as them in the pop arena?

      Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂


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