Reflections so far


PLP Connect U

I am about half way through the PLPConnectU project. This project is funded by the Victorian Education Department DEECD and aims to bring together a network of educators to design a unit around project/passion based learning.

It is a fantastic opportunity to work with some innovative educators on long term professional development that incorporates 21st century.

I am thrilled to be Creativity group and working with some amazing educators. This includes Kirsten Stewart and Kynan Robinson from North Fitzroy Primary. Mel Cashen from Lightning Reef and Michelle from Yawarra Primary School.

The first part of the journey was to discuss and read theory around the question “What is creativity?” I guess I originally thought that this might mean something to do with the arts or producing a piece of artwork. However after a few team Ellunimate sessions and some recommended readings and discussions in the NING, I have moved my thinking of creativity from being purely in terms of producing or creating a piece of art as to being more about the actual thought process and journey.

I can compare this thinking journey to the Masters Degree I am currently studying. One of the key things I have learnt from this is that the idea you start out with will completely change by the time you finish reading, reflecting, discussing and teasing out what you really believe. I feel this journey is one to be encouraged in the classroom and is key to ‘What is  creativity?”  Going in the direction of your passion and keeping it within a robust framework that encourages reflection, discussion and articulating what it is about your ideas that have developed and changed along the way.

Some highlights so far as I reflect on the ‘What makes a good animation” unit

Seeing some children who were reluctant and despondent at the start, become positive, motivated and engaged. Eager to reflect on their learning, working in teams and articulating what they have learnt to others.

Kids wanting to work on projects at lunch and coming to school excited because they had worked on their animations at home.

The discussions the students had early on around what makes a creative environment

The discussions around what is creativity

The creation of some pretty impressive films.

The opportunity to work with Mel and with kids from the Junior levels. (a first for me!)

The Learning for Life group worked very hard to create some amazing animations and films.

Check out the Creativity Animation Blog below.

Learning For Life

Here are some questions I am still pondering

Do I give enough opportunities for self directed learning in the class?

Do I set the tone for an environment that encourages creative thinking?

How do you encourage creative thinking at school?


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