Skype in the classroom


Skype in the classroom

Having family overseas I am not new to using Skype to connect and stay in touch.

However I am new to using Skype in the classroom and what a great tool it is to collaborate and connect with others outside the classroom.

Some of the benefits are:

Learning takes place outside the four walls of the classroom

The preparation and planning in the build up to a Skype interview.

The roles allocated to students such as transcript recorders, welcoming the guest, asking the questions and photographers to name just a few roles.












Skype is such a great tool to use and now there is Skype in Education. Skype in the classroom is a great way to connect with other classes around the world.

Simply create a class profile and search the directory for classes to connect with.

I love this blog by Rob Sbaglia. Have a look at how his class use Skype to connect with experts.

Also have a look at Kathleen Morris’ post on Skyping in the classroom

Have you used Skype in the classroom?

How do you use Skype in the classroom?


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  1. Hey Jodi,

    Thanks for the mention. When I first started using Skype a couple of years ago I thought it was the biggest deal and it involved a lot of preparation! Now, we use Skype regularly and for mixed purposes. Lately, I have started introducing students jobs (taking photos, typing, greeting, asking questions etc). This works wonderfully and the kids get a lot out of it.

    Have you tried Google Hangouts as a Skype alternative? It’s great because you can have a video call with multiple people (this is possible on Skype but costs money).


    • Hi Kathleen,

      Thank you! I should have been using Skype a lot sooner as it is such a great tool. We interviewed a Grandparent who lives in Melbourne about how school have changed. The kids were all engaged and excited with the build up. Now we just want to Skype more and more, which is why Skype for the classroom looks so good.

      I recently tried Google hangouts for one of the Creativity team meetings for PLP. I like that you can have many people involved in the one discussion and the visual too.

      Thanks so much for your comment. Your Blog is one I ready regularly. So many ideas.



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