Homework…To set or not to.

I recently had a parent ask me about Homework and when it was going to be set for my Grade six class.

I am been teaching now for 18 years and I am also new to this year group. I have to say I should have done this sooner. I am really enjoying the conversations and level of discussion I am having with the students in their last year of primary school. However I am digressing.


I have always found that it takes a lot of time to set tasks and then more time to check it has all come back and mark and feedback. Times are busy and this in the past has always eaten into my time for planning and reflection.

Last year when I had a grade two class I set open ended projects around current events for the students to complete. They choose when they wanted to complete a project and everyone must have completed one project per term. The results where fantastic. Well presented projects with headings, layout, images with correct attribution and information. We had projects and posters ranging from The Royal Wedding to football to crocodiles to pet dogs.

I want to do something similar in terms of its open ended element. However I am thinking that one project a term will not be as regular and in-depth as I would want from a grade six student. I started to think about the Reading Response quilt and the Free Choice Friday quilt that has a range of open ended activities for the students to complete. I also had a read of Mel Cashen’s Blog and discovered her brilliant homework grid.

Just what our class are looking for. A range of open ended tasks for students to use throughout the term and an expectation that one activity is chosen a week.

I will adapt Mel’s Grid with some Ultranet and Blogging task to get the conversation going outside school hours. I am encouraging learning outside of school hours and beyond the 4 walls of the classroom.


Image: ‘The Joys Of Homework’ 
The Joys Of Homework

What do you think about homework?

Do you like the idea of Mel’s’ Homework grid?

How do you manage homework?

How do you incorporate the use of ICT?


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  1. Hi Jodi,

    I know I have been exactly where you are now with homework! It is always such a dilemma! I am glad you found my homework grid helpful.

    This term I made a learning quest on our inquiry subject – sustainability. I put it on the Ultranet and the kids can dip in and out completing a range of activities. Some just require a straight answer, others involve making or reflecting on ideas.

    Feel free to join and take a look at it. I have all of the students in my class with home internet access which is a help but who said homework needed to be done at home? Why can’t it be completed before or after school?

    Sustainability school is a collaborative space and the ID is 138858652 and it is open.

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