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Tech tools I like to use


I have been reflecting on my blog journey and my learning journey with regards to incorporating technology and web tools into my teaching. Incorporating technology has proven to be engaging for my students and myself, whilst also practicing a safe online presence. Having returned back to a Foundation grade after teaching Grade Six for several years, I needed to brush up on the web tools I regularly used when I taught a Grade One class in 2010. You can see this post by clicking on this link Web tools I like to use


Soon the schools iPAD’s will be ready for our Foundation students to use. I am quickly compiling a list and a short review of recommended apps to share with staff and parents.

What apps do you use in the classroom?

What numeracy apps do you recommend?

What literacy apps do you recommend?

What handwriting apps would you recommend?


Creating a Google Survey with GoogleDocs


I just created this little walkthrough for staff and I thought I would also share it here too.

I find Google docs easy to use and the results always look impressive.

Creating a Google Survey


1. Sign into gmail. (If you don’t have one…shame on you! Click on the link to create an account)


2. Once signed select documents from the menu








3. Then select create new









4. Then select form










5. Select a theme.







6.  Create your questions. You can choose a variety of response formats



Google docs also auto saves



7. When completed look towards the bottom of the screen to view the published form.




10. Use this link when emailing out to your DL list








Now just sit back and wait for GoogleDocs to collate all the responses for you.

Which tools to use?


Which tool to use?

This post is in response to Edublog Teachers Challenge #6

Recently a colleague asked what video program I use for my class blog. The answer wasn’t as easy as I orginally thought. The program I frequently use was not approriate for her as she wanted the kids to upload the video file, create it and for no audio to be added.  The site I recommended needed a email address and required sound…so this got me thinking.

#There are so many tools out there that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.

#Will the tool suit your purpose or learning outcome.

So below is a list of some of the Tech Tools I use regularly in class and some of their features.

1. To publish Video


This is a great way of creating videos from your photos or film. Easy to use, a range of themes and easy to upload  your own music, or music from their  library. However  unless you sign up for a 12 month subscription videos are limited to 30 seconds and videos will not render unless you add music. Also needs an email address to register


I really like this site. It has a great community where you can create films from your video files or explore some that others have made. Again you need to sign up but the basic package is free. No sound required for the final video but it can take some time  to convert

2. To publish PowerPoint, PDFs and documents


Slideshare is great if you want to publish a Powerpoint presentation into your blog rather than provide a link to it. My class regularly use PowerPoint to publish their work and then use Slideshare to present it on the blog.


3. To publish documents


I recently came across these great sites that also enable you to upload your word, pdf or Powerpoint documents into a blog. Great for documents as it has a scroll down bar to the side. Ideal for posting up planning, timetables etc. I find that I am using this a lot to upload my planning in Victoria’s Ultranet.



Provides an easy way to keep your files. Share and embed your files onto your blog.



4.  To publish photos


Again great for photos or uploading photos from sites such as FlickCC. Enables you to also jazz up your presentation with a range of glitter and collage choices. No need to register with an email address. Start to create straight away.



Again quick and easy to use. Needs you to sign up with an email address. Uploads similar to animoto, with music and gives an embed code for your blog.



5. To add a poll

Poll daddy









6. Brainstorming tools


Wallwisher is fantastic. Create a topic and let the children contribute by placing their sticky notes on. Can be moderated and embedded to a blog.


7. Create a quiz.




Create a multimedia quiz in minutes. Easy and fun to use.





I haven’t tried using mind map tools yet or Voicethread. This is something  I endeavor to look into this year.

Here is a link to Edublog Teachers Challenge which has an extensive guide on how to add embed code and edit your post.

Also visit  TECHNOSCIENCE by Britt Gow for an excellent list of tools to use. The post also has a good range of  mind mapping tools.

What tools to you like to use?

Have you found any that are good to use with older students?

Happy blogging everyone.

Create An Avatar


This is a post for the Edublog Teachers Challenge.

An avatar is an important tool to use when online. It is a character or image that you can personlize and use when interacting with others online.

Personally I enjoy creating avatars and I know the kids in my Grade 1/2 class do too. At the beginning of the year we  spend alot of time  talking about being safe on line, netiquette and having a positive online presence. Part of this is creating an image  that will be used when interacting with others online. Important skills for digital natives to learn.

Also  images need to be 97 pixels x 97 pixels and in jpeg format.

Below is a list of some of my favourite sites for  creating avatars. Happy creating and have fun.

1. DoppelMe

I have used this site for my blog avatar. Easy to create a fun and graphical avatar.




2. BuildYourWildSelf

This site is really fun, easy to use and younger kids love it. Make an avatar with animal parts too.




3. PicassoHead.

Why not try to be a little abstract and use this site for some wonderful artistic avatars.



4.  Lego Avatar

I love anything lego. This is a great site to use when introducing avatars to preps.

Easy and fun a to use.


5. Portrait Illustrator

Another great site with many different attributes to add to make your avatar unique.


6. Also check out the TECHNOSCIENCE blog by Britt Gow, which has an excellent post about creating avatars.

What are your favourite avatar sites?

Which sites do the kids at your school  like the best?

tech tools I like to use


As part of the Edublog Teacher Challenge we were asked to write a post about our favourite technology tools. I have a few that I like to use in the classroom.   I have only just come across web 2.0 tools last year and I find that I use them a lot to jazz up my class blog and make it look more interesting.

Here are some of the tools that I tend to use the most in class.

Wordle and Tagxedo.

I really like both these tools. Wordle generates a word cloud from the text that you type. The cloud makes the words you use the most the largest.  Tagxedo also create a cloud with the text you enter however it  allows you to choose a shape either from their drop down menu or simply upload your own.

I use these tools a lot in class. I have used wordle at the end of the topic to record our reflections and thoughts, or at the beginning to brainstorm what we know or would like to know. I am also going to use wordle at the beginning of this school year to generate a discussion around what makes an engaging and productive learning environment. I will record all the key words and concepts into our class cloud.

I also like using Animoto. A quick and easy way to publish videos and pictures into your own little film with music. I find that I have used it alot on my class blog to great success. The children just love the results especially when the video is played on the IWB. We are lucky to have 4 flip cameras to use so I am I hoping to get the children to start creating their own film this year.

Polldaddy is another popular tech tool we use. It allows you to generate your own survey in minutes. We recently used Polldaddy to contact a survey of prefences for our new school uniform. Quick and easy to use.




The big hit with all the kids in my class is without a doubt VOKI. My Grade 1/2 children just love it. Voki allows you to create a speaking avatar. You create the avatar, the text, the accent and the gender. Last term the kids in my grade created a avatar for their ULTRANET profile. They were able to write the text, grab the code and embed it into their Ultranet express space. Great Stuff.


These are just a few of the tools that I like to use in class.

What tech tools do you like to use?