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Create An Avatar


This is a post for the Edublog Teachers Challenge.

An avatar is an important tool to use when online. It is a character or image that you can personlize and use when interacting with others online.

Personally I enjoy creating avatars and I know the kids in my Grade 1/2 class do too. At the beginning of the year we  spend alot of time  talking about being safe on line, netiquette and having a positive online presence. Part of this is creating an image  that will be used when interacting with others online. Important skills for digital natives to learn.

Also  images need to be 97 pixels x 97 pixels and in jpeg format.

Below is a list of some of my favourite sites for  creating avatars. Happy creating and have fun.

1. DoppelMe

I have used this site for my blog avatar. Easy to create a fun and graphical avatar.




2. BuildYourWildSelf

This site is really fun, easy to use and younger kids love it. Make an avatar with animal parts too.




3. PicassoHead.

Why not try to be a little abstract and use this site for some wonderful artistic avatars.



4.  Lego Avatar

I love anything lego. This is a great site to use when introducing avatars to preps.

Easy and fun a to use.


5. Portrait Illustrator

Another great site with many different attributes to add to make your avatar unique.


6. Also check out the TECHNOSCIENCE blog by Britt Gow, which has an excellent post about creating avatars.

What are your favourite avatar sites?

Which sites do the kids at your school  like the best?