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Digital Portfolios


Digitial Portfolios.

I have been thinking  about the upcoming 3 way conferences that our school will conduct on the first day back of term 3. I am looking forward to my students sharing their achievements, reflections and goals with their parents and families.

This got me thinking about the portfolios the students use in class.  We have copies for display in the classroom and they include students goals, reflections and work that has been chosen by the student to share with family and others.

This year is also the first year I am attempting to create digital portfolios. As I work in Victoria, these portfolios are  saved on their Ultranet Express Space. They include goals for each term, a record of how they have achieved these goals and any reflections on the learning.

So this got me thinking…if we use digitial portfolios do we need another portfolio for the classroom?

I see the portfolios as a place for students to share and reflect on their learning. It’s also an opportunity and a place to keep hold of drafts and changes made along the way as we reflect on the learning journey.

We also have a class blog that we visit daily. This blog is used to share our work with parents, families and anyone else who happens to come across it. We use the blog to reflect on our learning daily by posting comments. I have also just started to get the students to start to write their own blog posts.

The class blog is a collective way to show parents of our  learning and achievements and we visit the blog daily. Our cluster map isn’t very high but we like looking at it every morning.

This blog is  used to share our work with parents, families and anyone else who happens to come across it. We also use the blog to reflect on our learning.

As part of reflecting and sharing our learning we have:

A class blog

Student blogs (in the process of establishing)

& Digital Portfolios

I have found some wonderful blogs that discuss portfolios .

Dr Helen Barrett Blog on e-portfolios.

Peter Paapas‘ thoughts on the reflective student and teacher.

Langwitches extensive post on Digital Portfolios.

What do you use in the classroom to reflect on the learning journey?

What are your thoughts on portfolios?








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