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I am a bit late to an exciting project called PLPConnectU. This project  is sponsored by the Victorian Education Department DEECD and is a fantastic opportunity to work with some amazing educators on a long term professional development that incorporates 21st century .  This project is run by two educators that I admire  Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach.


I was also lucky enough to hear Will Richardson speak in Bendigo.  We were asked to discuss with our group one of five questions.


What about the world and society has changed since you went to school?

What about students has changed since you went to school?

What about schools has changed since you went to school?

What should school 2.0 look like to accommodate learners of the 21st century?

It generated some great discussions where our group said that in fact education hasn’t really changed  since the Industrial Revolution and needs to catch up quickly or flip itself.  Will Richardson spoke of a delivering a curriculum that is not content driven and one that is taken back from the politicians.

Inspiring words indeed.

I also had my first go at Back Channeling using Teach Meet. This is great way to keep the discussion going while listening to Will Richardson speak.

The learning  doesn’t end there. There will be 5 elleuminate sessions and lots of discussion and collaborating on Twitter, the PLPConnectU wiki and on the Ning.

I am looking forward to the project and working with some great educators.

What does 21st Century learning look to you?

How do you incorporate Technology into your classroom?


Image: ‘OrangeGlow‘ http://www.flickr.com/photos/86891211@N00/72224228