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Skype in the classroom


Skype in the classroom

Having family overseas I am not new to using Skype to connect and stay in touch.

However I am new to using Skype in the classroom and what a great tool it is to collaborate and connect with others outside the classroom.

Some of the benefits are:

Learning takes place outside the four walls of the classroom

The preparation and planning in the build up to a Skype interview.

The roles allocated to students such as transcript recorders, welcoming the guest, asking the questions and photographers to name just a few roles.












Skype is such a great tool to use and now there is Skype in Education. Skype in the classroom is a great way to connect with other classes around the world.

Simply create a class profile and search the directory for classes to connect with.

I love this blog by Rob Sbaglia. Have a look at how his class use Skype to connect with experts.

Also have a look at Kathleen Morris’ post on Skyping in the classroom

Have you used Skype in the classroom?

How do you use Skype in the classroom?