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tech tools I like to use


As part of the Edublog Teacher Challenge we were asked to write a post about our favourite technology tools. I have a few that I like to use in the classroom.   I have only just come across web 2.0 tools last year and I find that I use them a lot to jazz up my class blog and make it look more interesting.

Here are some of the tools that I tend to use the most in class.

Wordle and Tagxedo.

I really like both these tools. Wordle generates a word cloud from the text that you type. The cloud makes the words you use the most the largest.  Tagxedo also create a cloud with the text you enter however it  allows you to choose a shape either from their drop down menu or simply upload your own.

I use these tools a lot in class. I have used wordle at the end of the topic to record our reflections and thoughts, or at the beginning to brainstorm what we know or would like to know. I am also going to use wordle at the beginning of this school year to generate a discussion around what makes an engaging and productive learning environment. I will record all the key words and concepts into our class cloud.

I also like using Animoto. A quick and easy way to publish videos and pictures into your own little film with music. I find that I have used it alot on my class blog to great success. The children just love the results especially when the video is played on the IWB. We are lucky to have 4 flip cameras to use so I am I hoping to get the children to start creating their own film this year.

Polldaddy is another popular tech tool we use. It allows you to generate your own survey in minutes. We recently used Polldaddy to contact a survey of prefences for our new school uniform. Quick and easy to use.




The big hit with all the kids in my class is without a doubt VOKI. My Grade 1/2 children just love it. Voki allows you to create a speaking avatar. You create the avatar, the text, the accent and the gender. Last term the kids in my grade created a avatar for their ULTRANET profile. They were able to write the text, grab the code and embed it into their Ultranet express space. Great Stuff.


These are just a few of the tools that I like to use in class.

What tech tools do you like to use?